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Happy New Year 2021

With the right tools, a positive attitude, and determination, we can reach our goals and become the better version of ourselves that we hope to be!

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Mystery, Make-Believe & Romance

Hello Friends, As the weather cools and I start to spend more time indoors, I’m always looking for awesome and engaging books and series. So here are a few great books and bargains to be had. Check these out! Science Fiction Even in the sparsely-populated mountains of West Virginia, where she and her family have… Continue reading Mystery, Make-Believe & Romance

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Why Your Life is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

It seems that everywhere you look there are constant changes and signs of difficulty. How can we exist in the world as it is today and stay positive, healthy, and happy for ourselves and our loved ones? I'm going to share some of my best tips on staying positive and on track during this negative time.

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25 Tips and Tasks To Do During Quarantine

Hello Friends! I hope that you are well! I’ve been reading a lot lately and I thought that I’d share some of the best ideas I’ve come across to be productive, stay positive, and feel accomplished during quarantine. Here’s your printable list with links! Read a new book or finish one, and please leave a… Continue reading 25 Tips and Tasks To Do During Quarantine

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4 Insanely Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog

You want to connect through the written word, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are a few techniques that have really helped me build my following. These are not a quick fix, but tips that’ll help you build an audience that will really want to hear what you have to say and will stay with you.

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15 Steps to be ready for the ‘new normal’

As we as a society start moving toward a new normal. Things will be different. Let’s be ready for the next chapter in our lives!

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9 Easy Steps to Becoming an Amazing Blogger Today!

Today I want to talk about something life changing. The kind of thing that can transform your life as a blogger or writer. I want to share 9 tips that will help you on your journey toward success. One day, you'll wake up and look in the mirror and realize that you have done it. You are a writer, a blogger, the person that you set out to be. Not perfect, but happy. You are living the life that you always wanted, being the best version of yourself. Being a writer or blogger is all about being you.

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How to Become a Positive Thinker, A Step-by-Step Guide

Pointless Overthinking by Bogdan (DM) Understanding ourselves and the world we live in. How to become a positive thinker [Step by Step Guide] Provided by Jacob Williams from FACELIFEBOOK Are you mentally down or anxious about your future? Or filled with negativity? This post includes the exact way to become a positive thinker to bring the… Continue reading How to Become a Positive Thinker, A Step-by-Step Guide

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Easy, Fun, Free or Almost Free Activities

Easy, Fun, Free or Almost Free Activities Let’s use this time to learn, clean, organize, and plan. So that when this time is over, we will be more organized and skilled, ready to start the next chapter of our lives.

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What Do We Do Now?

This is a time to be the best versions of ourselves, to show our strength, kindness, and compassion. To treat others as we wish to be treated. Friends we are all in this together.

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Running Late? Here’s a 15 Minute Make-Up and Hair Routine to Get You Out the Door

Hello Friends! You ever have one of those days where you roll out of bed late and you just know that the rest of the day is going to be terrible because you're a step behind and not feeling your best all day? We all have those days! So, today I'm sharing my 15 minute… Continue reading Running Late? Here’s a 15 Minute Make-Up and Hair Routine to Get You Out the Door

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Be a Person With a Purpose

When we feel more accomplished, ie. more positive, we can walk away from the negativity that may enter life. We can embrace change and see the positive results of our hard work and dedication.

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New Release ‘Vance Brothers’ by Dottie Lake

What is it about Echo Village that inspires love, hides dark desires, and holds life threatening secrets? Come find out in ‘Vance Brothers’!

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2020 What’s it going to be?

Hello Friends! My first book in the Echo Village Series, Emma’s Heart premiered in December 2018 . My second book Laurel’s Love premiered December 2019. 2020 is a new year and now that all the parties and hoopla are over, it's time to choose what kind of year it's going to be for you. When… Continue reading 2020 What’s it going to be?

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Setting Goals for the New Year

Each of us has different goals for different reasons, let’s support each other in reaching those goals and dreams. We all make our own happiness.

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Happy New Year

Hello Friends! I’m just wishing you a Happy 2020! I hope that we all have a Wonderful New Year! Dottie Lake P.S. Don’t forget to check out my newest book! Come for a visit to the close-knit community of Echo Village, Vermont where Jackson broke Laurel’s heart years ago. Can Laurel and Jackson bury their… Continue reading Happy New Year

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Write Your Passion

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer There are a lot of us writers and authors out there, and we are always looking for ways to make our writing better. Here are Four Tips to Becoming a Better Writer that I wanted to share, some you may be familiar with, some may be new… Continue reading Write Your Passion

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In a perfect world, I wake up before my alarm, list all the things that I am grateful for while doing my morning yoga stretches. Then I eat a delicious breakfast of yogurt and fruit, followed by a short walk with my dog in the dappled sunlight, greeting my neighbors with a smile and a… Continue reading Why You Need an EVERYDAY LIST

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See Yourself in a New Life Today

Good Day! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! How are you? What are you doing today to make today great? What are your dreams and goals today? Where are you headed? Are you happy and smiling today or is it another day of chugging caffeine and just getting through the… Continue reading See Yourself in a New Life Today

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Be Happy, Keep Promises to Yourself

Keeping promises to yourself is just as, if not more important than keeping promises to others. We all make promises to ourselves like: "I will start a new diet on Monday" or "I will give up … (fill in the food or beverage of your choice.)" or "I will be more understanding and supportive of… Continue reading Be Happy, Keep Promises to Yourself

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Don’t Wait for Things to Change

Life is all about change and changing. People are not meant to be stagnant. We are meant to forge forward and be the best possible versions of ourselves. If you decide today to be happy. You will be surprised at the attitude of others toward you, at the opportunities that present themselves to you, and… Continue reading Don’t Wait for Things to Change

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3 Easy Steps You can take Today to Make Your Dreams and Goals Happen

Goals are dreams with a plan. Do you have a plan? Do you stick to the plan? Does life get in the way of that plan? If this sounds familiar, lets make those goals and dreams easier to focus on and achieve. First, make a list of 3 of your long-term goals and dreams then… Continue reading 3 Easy Steps You can take Today to Make Your Dreams and Goals Happen

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Gardening, Cooking, Painting… Oh my!!

My mother raised me to keep busy and be useful, so I didn't even realize that these tasks were "hobbies" until I was older. I just did stuff that saved money and created beauty. I enjoy a variety of hobbies that include gardening, refinishing furniture, working around my house and yard as well as cooking,… Continue reading Gardening, Cooking, Painting… Oh my!!


Live A Live That You Love

Living a life that we love sounds simple, but in reality can be quite difficult. Societal norms tell us that we should be competitive, be the best, do more, be more, out-do others, and climb that ladder. Oh, and we aren't really supposed to like our jobs! Or, we are supposed to want to sit… Continue reading Live A Live That You Love


How Do You Find the Time?

Hello Friends, People often ask me "How do you find the time to ..." or they say "Wow, it would be nice if I had the time to ..." Sound familiar? Everyone seems to wish that they had more time. What they don't realize is that everyone has the same 24 hours in each day.… Continue reading How Do You Find the Time?


How to Take Control of Your Own Happiness

Hello, how's 2019 treating you? We are over six weeks into the new year, are you still on track for your resolutions? Have you made some changes and stuck to them daily to reach your goals? Many people begin to lose focus about this time of year. Everyday things seem to get in the way… Continue reading How to Take Control of Your Own Happiness

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You Are Too Old For This. Too Young For That!

“Youth is not the age of life, but the age of the heart. Not rosy cheeks and red lips and a flexible body With strong will and abundant imagination.In the fountain of deep and deep life. It is freshness that elutes.”

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Stressed? 4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Mood

Hello Friends! You ever have one of those days? You know the ones, right? Where everything that could possibly go wrong has, and where nothing seems to go right. One of those days where everyone and everything aggravates or annoys you. Since the pandemic, and the changes that have come along with it, I think… Continue reading Stressed? 4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Mood

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Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Hello Friends, I want to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! Though 2020 has been a challenging year, I am thankful for all that I have. My family is doing a small, stay-at-home holiday this year, but staying in contact with friends and family via social media. The holidays are different… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

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Social Security: Kick It Into High Gear

 Hello Friends, Remember Nichole Garrido, the financial consultant that I introduced you to awhile back? She's got another free financial seminar coming up! Social Security: 7 Keys to Enhancing Benefits on Wednesday October 14th at 7 pm. If you want to check it out, register through Have a Great Day! Dottie Lake