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4 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer

Disclosure: I am an independent blogger and include affiliated links in this blog which means that I get compensated for purchases made directly through these links..

There are a lot of us writers and authors out there, and we are always looking for ways to make our writing better.

Here are Four Tips to Becoming a Better Writer that I wanted to share, some you may be familiar with, some may be new to you.

Learn something new everyday and write about it. Read from a different source, take a class, or maybe help a neighbor with something that you’ve never done before. This will expose you to different experiences and broaden your knowledge base in ways that you wouldn’t imagine possible. I assisted a neighbor during a calf birthing once, talk about broadening my horizons!

Experiment with your characters and practice character writing as much as possible so that you can create characters that are “truly unique and unforgettable.” Don’t be afraid to eavesdrop! We are taught socially that this is a big no-no, but if it’s research, that’s different. As writers, our goal is to produce work that is authentic and original. As authors it is our job to create spellbinding, unforgettable fiction; and mind blowing, edge-of-your-seat nonfiction. Truly wonderful characters leave the reader hungry for the next book!

Reviewing and editing are tough, but the more we do it, the better our writing gets. Don’t be afraid to pick things apart and move them around. This is a great time to check spelling and grammar, find logic mistakes, and rephrase for better flow. I am the queen of the comma splice!

Don’t be afraid to try new genres, topics and venues. I enjoy writing books, but I have found that I also like to blog and write freelance articles. Writing outside your normal, will help develop your author’s voice and enhance both the writing and reading experience.

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I am learning, working and writing right along with you. I hope that these tips help you as they have helped me.

Have a Great Day,

Dottie Lake


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