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Why Your Life is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

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Hello Friends,

I hope that this week finds you safe and healthy. It seems that everywhere you look there are constant changes and signs of difficulty. How can we exist in the world as it is today and stay positive, healthy, and happy for ourselves and our loved ones?

Today I’m going to share some of my best tips on staying positive and on track during this negative time.

First, be prepared. I know that sounds simple, but if you know that you are prepared for the worst it lets you hope for the best. So, make sure that you have the food, water, medicine, etc. that your family needs. Make lists and make sure that everyone in your family is aware of your contingency plans. This will make them happier too.

Next, try to do things that feel “normal”. This gives you a break from the constant bombardment of negativity. For example, right now my son and I are doing what we do every first week of August, getting ready for school. We are inventorying supplies, he’s trying on clothes to see what he likes from last year and we are making a list of what he will need for this school year. His school has said that they plan to reopen with a hybrid model, some in-person instruction and some online instruction, so we are planning for that. It is different, but similar to what we have always done.

Try something new and fun. Try things like a family game night, an online family cooking class, biking, hiking, or a family movie night. CBS has brought back it’s Sunday Family Movie Night and my family loves it! We pop popcorn, curl up around the TV and laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Finally, do something relaxing like reading, gardening, or a calming hobby. I enjoy gardening, and this year my garden has never looked better because I spend so much time there. It’s physical work, but I feel relaxed and happy when I’m done. I have also found that my son often joins me, and we have bonded more as we both work and talk together.

I hope that these tips help you live your best possible life during these trying times.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Dottie Lake


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