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4 Insanely Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog

You want to connect through the written word, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are a few techniques that have really helped me build my following. These are not a quick fix, but tips that’ll help you build an audience that will really want to hear what you have to say and will stay with you.

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9 Easy Steps to Becoming an Amazing Blogger Today!

Today I want to talk about something life changing. The kind of thing that can transform your life as a blogger or writer. I want to share 9 tips that will help you on your journey toward success. One day, you'll wake up and look in the mirror and realize that you have done it. You are a writer, a blogger, the person that you set out to be. Not perfect, but happy. You are living the life that you always wanted, being the best version of yourself. Being a writer or blogger is all about being you.

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New Release ‘Vance Brothers’ by Dottie Lake

What is it about Echo Village that inspires love, hides dark desires, and holds life threatening secrets? Come find out in ‘Vance Brothers’!

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Write Your Passion

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer There are a lot of us writers and authors out there, and we are always looking for ways to make our writing better. Here are Four Tips to Becoming a Better Writer that I wanted to share, some you may be familiar with, some may be new… Continue reading Write Your Passion