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New Release ‘Vance Brothers’ by Dottie Lake

Available now!

What is it about Echo Village that inspires love, hides dark desires, and holds life threatening secrets?

Check out the Vance Brothers TODAY!

When lies are revealed, secrets exposed and lives threatened, will they survive?

Two steamy romance stories set in the seemingly quaint town of Echo Village, Vermont. Where everything is not quite how it appears.

In Book 1 of this passionate and gripping series ‘Emma’s Heart’ we meet Emma Jones and the ruggedly handsome Sheriff Macklin Vance.

Emma makes a daring escape from an abusive husband. Weary and alone, she takes refuge in Echo Village, working at the local Inn. When Sheriff Macklin Vance comes to her rescue one night, her life changes forever.

Will Emma and Mac get a chance at happiness or will the past doom their future?

Emma and Mac’s story continues alongside Laurel King and Jackson Vance’s in Book 2 of the series, ‘Laurel’s Love’.

Here we learn of Laurel and Jackson’s history.

Ten years ago, Laurel King’s life changed forever when Jackson Vance, the love of her life abandoned her.

Wounded and alone, she picked up the pieces of her shattered dreams and used them to forge a new life.

Jackson spent ten years trying to forget the love he left behind.

Now he’s back, sexy and determined to win Laurel back.

As their spirited personalities bring red-hot passion blazing between them, will that passion develop into love or will their second chance at romance burn out before it even gets started?

Find out now as their stories begin…


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