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25 Tips and Tasks To Do During Quarantine

Hello Friends!

I hope that you are well! I’ve been reading a lot lately and I thought that I’d share some of the best ideas I’ve come across to be productive, stay positive, and feel accomplished during quarantine.

Here’s your printable list with links!

  • Read a new book or finish one, and please leave a review! As an author I can tell you that those reviews matter!! Here’s a link to my newest book:
❤️Laurel’s Love ❤️.
  • Reorganize a room in your home. I updated the seating area in my bedroom by moving the furniture and getting a new rug for the space!
🛋Check out these Great  Rugs Under $60!
  • Take an online course to learn something that you’ve never had the time to before. Maybe a new language or a creative writing class.
  • Try new recipes. I’ve been using sourdough again for the first time years!
📗This is a link to an easy guide to Sourdough  Baking!
  • Delete unneeded apps, photos, and documents from your phone to free up memory.
  • Clean up your computer desktop, back up important files, and defrag your system so that it runs more efficiently.
  • Write out a list of 4 things you’re grateful for in your life and put it where you will see it every day. Rewrite this every week, it’ll surprise you how it changes!
  • Find a new blog, podcast, or YouTube channel to enjoy. Remember to ‘like’ and leave reviews!
  • Reconnect with family and friends on social media. This is a great time to catch-up and build stronger relationships!
  • For mental health, try yoga or meditation for 15-20 minutes each day. Here’s one to try:
🧘🏻‍♀️Beginning Meditation  and Easy Streching
  • Work out for 30 minutes a day. Try:
🏋🏻‍♀️Beach Body 21 Day Fix with Equipment🏋🏼‍♂️
  • Make sure to get some fresh air. Staying home doesn’t have to mean stay inside!
  • Try your hand at planting and gardening, either inside or out! Here’s a step-by-step guide:
🥬Container  Vegetable  Gardening Made Easy🍅
  • Snow peas are a fast growing edible that are easy to grow in pots or outside. You can try these:
🌱Bush Variety Sugar Snap Peas are Great for Small Spaces🌾 
  • Fill in your planner with reminders, to-do’s, and lists. I love checking things off a list, it makes me feel accomplished! Clever Fox has all you need to get started in a fun and versatile style!
📆Clever Fox Premium Planner
  • Write in a journal to document this historic time. Someday people are going to want to know the personal accounts of this time. This kit has everything that you need to create a wonderful and illustrated journal!
📚Bullet Journal Kit🖌
  • Vacuum your entire living space.
  • Dust furniture, ceilings, and those hard to reach spaces that you don’t get to as often.
  • Sort out your personal files, recycle or shred old papers and receipts.
  • Learn a new skill, or brush up on an old one, like crocheting, sewing, or knitting. Creative and productive!
🔵Learn to Crochet with Supplies
⚫️Practical Sewing Projects 
🔴Knitting Kit with Beginners Patterns
  • Do a DIY project, like fixing an appliance, painting a wall, or updating a piece of furniture. I like this book by Home Depot, it has easy to follow directions with illustrations!
🛠Home Depot Home Improvement 1-2-3🧰
  • Try a puzzle, challenging our minds in a different way is healthy and relaxing!
  • Sort and organize your closet, get things ready to donate when this is over.
🧺Affordable Closet Systems📦
  • Clean out your refrigerator and take inventory of what you have in there so that you can better utilize what you have!
  • Clean and inventory your pantry and cupboards, look up recipes on Pinterest to use some of the odd-ball items that we all end up with!
  • Try fostering a pet. Pets give us someone to care about and someone who cares back. That’s a recipe for happiness and comfort!

Be Safe and Healthy Friends!

Dottie Lake


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