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Stressed? 4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Mood

Hello Friends!

You ever have one of those days? You know the ones, right? Where everything that could possibly go wrong has, and where nothing seems to go right. One of those days where everyone and everything aggravates or annoys you.

Since the pandemic, and the changes that have come along with it, I think that we all have had more of these days than usual. In part because of the continuing changes and stress as well as just everyday life.

On these days, I remind myself that no matter how many things go wrong, how I handle these frustrations is up to me.

If I choose to let every setback stress me out, I would spend my life being stressed. I can’t control what’s happening around me, but I can control how I respond to any given situation.

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There are a few tricks that help me stay positive. And if you too have had one of those days—or one of those weeks—they might help you as well:

1. PRIORITIZE. Do a brain dump of everything that is causing you stress. Then once everything has been written down on paper, determine which things must be done first, and which things can wait, or possibly be eliminated.

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2. MAKE A PLAN. Even if you think you already know what needs to be done, taking the time to plan out your schedule for the coming week will help keep you focused and on track. Remember to block time for the biggest priorities first, but don’t forget to make time for rest, self care, and fun!

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3. SLEEP. Get a good night’s sleep. Do yourself a favor this weekend, go to bed early and wake up late. If you can’t do that, try scheduling naps. This will ensure that you can start your week feeling completely rested and ready for the challenges that await you!

4. GET OUTSIDE. Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, breath deeply, and relax.

There have been countless studies supporting the many health and psychological benefits of being outside. No matter how stressed or busy you are, make the time to get outdoors each day, you won’t regret it!

So friends, if you too have struggled with setbacks and frustrations, try to be purposeful about setting yourself up to have a great week ahead! Choose to focus on the positives, and to do the best you can!

Live with purpose and focus friends!

Have a GREAT week!

Dottie Lake


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