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What Do We Do Now?

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Hello Friends!

I hope that everyone is healthy and in good spirits during this scary and stressful time. The COVID-19 virus is frightening, and as we watch the news and read online reports, all of us are feeling the stress.

Let’s remember that we need to be sensible and take care of each other. We need to take responsible precautions to protect ourselves and remember that we are members of communities, families, and neighborhoods.

As they shut down businesses and schools to prevent the spread of the virus, remember to check in with your community, family, and friends. Make sure that everyone is doing alright and offer support and encouragement to those afraid.

If you know someone who has the virus, be nice. You are still the great person, friend, and neighbor that you have always been. Don’t let fear change that!

  • Be supportive online, and call them so that they hear a friendly voice.
  • If it’s someone close-by:
  • Offer to pick up items for them if you go shopping and leave items at their door.
  • bake them cookies or another food dish and drop it off at their door. You aren’t exposing yourself to the virus, and you’re supporting a friend in need.

This is a time to be the best versions of ourselves, to show our strength, kindness, and compassion. To treat others as we wish to be treated.

Friends, we are all in this together.

Dottie Lake


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