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Easy, Fun, Free or Almost Free Activities

5 Useful and Creative Endeavors to Keep Us Happy and Productive

Hello Friends! I hope that everyone is well!

Many of us are suddenly home much more than we are used to. I have compiled a list of free, or almost free activities that can pass the time, help us learn a new skill (or two) and keep us busy and productive!

I love to garden but it’s early to start one here in Vermont. So my son and I cleaned out my garden and got it ready. Now I can plan and plot it out. I found some Free Garden Journal Printables in 4 Pretty Colors! I like the purple one!

I’m also conducting a pantry audit and I love the Free Food Preservation Journal by

Food Preservation  Journal 

Start a Sourdough! Isn’t this an Easy and Pretty Printable?

I learned to hand sew from my mother and my grandfather when I was young. If you don’t know how, or just haven’t in awhile, try:

Learn to Sew: 6 Basic  Hand Stitches

from It’s free, great instructions can get you well on your way through a pile of mending!

What about crocheting? Have you ever tried it? It’s easier than knitting and you can crochet yarn, thin strips of T-shirts, even plastic bags! Once you get the hang of it, search Pinterest for easy projects!

Try this easy and free beginner’s guide to crochet. It breaks down the basics of what you need to learn and in what order, and links you directly to some great resources.

Crochet in the Sun

So while we are all worried and waiting, let’s use this time to learn, clean, organize, and plan.

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When this is all over and we begin a new normal, we will do so smarter, more organized, and with additional skills. Ready to start the next chapter of our lives.

Be Safe Friends!

Dottie Lake


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