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Let’s Make A List!

Hello Friends,

Are you feeling a little lost because you haven’t chosen your 2023 goals yet? Do you feel like you set goals every year only to abandon them by May?

Let’s change that this year!

Life is full of good moments, not so good moments, and OMG moments. We can’t change that. As my friend Tammy says, “It is what it is.” 

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So, what can we change in our lives? Let’s make a list! Let’s make several lists and it’s a plan!

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Why write lists:

First, lists help prioritize goals, errands, and tasks.

Lists help you visualize what you need to do. Making tasks visual on a list helps improve your chances of actually accomplishing each task.

Taking the time to plan for the coming week will help keep you focused and on track. Remember to block time for the biggest priorities first, but don’t forget to make time for rest, self care, and fun!

Lists also help reduce anxiety by allowing you to see everything you need to do. This allows you to stay focused and on target. Whenever you get anxious you can check your list and reassure yourself of your progress.

Lastly, lists help improve memory because writing things down boosts recall.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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