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Hello Friends,

As the weather cools and I start to spend more time indoors, I’m always looking for awesome and engaging books and series. So here are a few great books and bargains to be had. Check these out!

Science Fiction

Even in the sparsely-populated mountains of West Virginia, where she and her family have been forced to relocate for their safety after the collapse, peril lurks around every corner. Normal life has taken on a whole new meaning for Lauren, her family, and the community they have become a part of.

Several of the books in this best selling series are free!

What’s Left of My World Series

Contemporary Romance

Years ago, Jo Kendall and Callum Archer were high school sweethearts set to elope — until Callum stood her up. Now they’re face-to-face again… on opposite sides of a court case! “Heartfelt, compelling small-town romance at its best” (New York Times bestselling author Cora Seton).

Book 1 is free!

River’s Sigh B & B

A Cozy Mystery

Mercy loves her job. Traveling is the fun part. New coworkers aren’t. She thinks she knows what’s in store for her at a Nebraska nursing home. But within hours of her arrival, a man is dead, and she’s in way over her head.

Book 1 is free!

Mercy and Mayhem  Book 1

I hope that you enjoy these books!

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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