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Don’t Wait! Start Living Today!

Hello Friends,

Have you ever noticed that, “People wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, all life for happiness..?” (Raimonda B.)


Why do people wait?  You can get a job that fulfills you. You can get a life that you enjoy. You can fill your life with people that you love. If you did that, wouldn’t every day feel like a happy Friday in Summer? 

If only it were that easy, all the music, sports, and movie stars would be living a perfect life. But they are not.  Their lives are full of unhappiness and negative drama.  If you got everything that you wanted today, would you be the same way?


Happiness and fulfillment come from inside of us. We decide what makes us happy and content. If you truly want to feel happiness and contentment you need to embrace it. You need to tell yourself every day what you are thankful for, and take time in each day to stop and savor the moments in the sun. You will be happier. Because you truly want to be.

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This approach will also point out clearly the things that you are allowing to make you unhappy. What ever they are, make a list with 3 columns. (You know that I am all about lists and planners!)

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In column 1 list the issues that are making you unhappy. In column 3 list what would make you happy (or less unhappy) with the situations. Then in the middle column (2),  write 2-3 possible ways to get to the happier situation. 

Now, look at that! You have a plan!

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This is just a couple of ways that we can all be the best possible versions of ourselves. We all want to be happy, and enjoy the life that we are living. Let’s make every single day count.  Try to embrace this new year, each new day, and all it’s challenges and rewards with confidence and optimism. 

Good Books to Read:

Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

If It’s Not Right, Go Left: Practical and Inspirational Lessons to Move You in a Positive Direction

Have a Great Day,

Dottie Lake

Disclosure: I am an independent blogger and include affiliated links in this blog which means that I get compensated for purchases made directly through these links..


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