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Be Happier Today!

Be open to the unintended lessons that happen in life! Embrace the change!

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Hello Friends!

Now that we are headed toward the Holiday Season and the New Year, I want to talk about what happens when we opened ourselves up to learning the unintended lessons in life. How can we can change our lives for the better by embracing what life is teaching us?

As we look at our goals and dreams for the next year. Let’s be open to the experiences, not just the achieving. The unintended lessons in life, make note of them. I love using a planner with a writer’s notebook/journal. I can look back next year an see where I was at, what I was thinking, and how far I’ve come. I use stickers, colored pens, and put in photos.

When we think about decluttering, we think about getting rid of stuff. But the unintended consequences of releasing things that no longer belong in our lives can give us a new sense of peace and contentment with our surroundings.

Most of us have a goal that involves money, usually making or saving more. Questions to ask yourself:

Is the money that you work so hard for bringing joy to your life?

Are you gaining the most amount of happiness from the money you spend?

What about relationships? Most of us have dreams and goals involving them. Be brave! Talk about your goals, desires, and dreams with friends. This often leads to the unintended result of having a team. A group that supports you advocating for yourself and others. Most people start to get bolder in other areas in their life once they feel supported and validated.

This leads to the confidence to have those tough conversations that we’ve been putting off, or confront someone who’s been putting us down. The unintended life lessons are sometimes so much bigger than we realize and enrich our lives in ways that we don’t initially anticipate.

By focusing on life in a new way, we can truly see what enriches our lives, even in unexpected ways. Watch for the opportunities to live your best possible life.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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