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Be a Person With a Purpose

Hello Friends!

I saw this quote online and thought, “So true!”

Being focused and goal oriented keeps us feeling positive because everyday we do things that make us feel better. We make progress toward the person that we want to grow into and the life that we want to lead.

How do I stay positive and goal oriented? First, I use a planner, I like me & my BIG ideas The Happy Planner . I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I conquer lists and finish projects. I like seeing what I’ve done, track my progress, and plan the steps of my future.

Planning keeps me from just reacting to the life around us (drama). Planning and preparing are positive steps that we can take every day to become the best that we can be.

I use Paper Junkie 6-Pack to-Do-List Notepad Shopping List Memo Pad for Daily and Weekly Task Checklists. I plan on Sunday, using last week’s to do list and the local sales flyers from the newspaper. I keep tasks flexible and seize time to complete and combine tasks. My planning doesn’t take more than an hour and keeps me focused and positive.

Sunday is also the day when I meal prep for the week, this usually take about an hour and saves a lot of time and hassle during a busy week.

I make lunches for Monday and Tuesday.

Cook off ground meat and grill chicken breasts on my Cuisinart 5-in-1 countertop grill, and bake potatoes.

This sets me up for easy taco dinner, burritos, pasta & sauce, grilled chicken with a tossed salad, taco salad, and loaded baked potatoes. And of course left-over night. There’s a week of no hassle, easy dinners.

When we feel more accomplished, ie. more positive, we can walk away from the negativity that may enter life. We can embrace change and see the positive results of our hard work and dedication.

I know that it sounds simple but doing little things everyday to help us reach our goals, is what can keep us all more positive about ourselves, our lives, and those that we care about.

I’m not perfect, I have bad days too. Not many though, because I love my life and I try to live MY best life every day.

So, let’s dream and let’s plan! We are all on this journey together!

Have a Great Day!


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