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Setting Goals for the New Year

Hello Friends!

Are you feeling a little lost because you haven’t chosen your 2020 goals yet? Do you feel like you set goals every year only to abandon them by May?

I recently finished writing my second book, ‘Laurel’s Love’! I am so happy about that! Now, I’ve already started writing my third book.

What about you? Have you started working on your goals?

I have been working on my 2020 larger goals and making lists of smaller goals that will help me reach those.

2019 went by very fast for me, and while I didn’t achieve all of my goals for last year, I achieved many of them.

In my experience, the best way to motivate myself is to find inspiration.

I’m always looking for organizational strategies and productivity hacks that can help all of us live our best possible life.

Some of my 2020 goals are:

1. Keep a positive and consistent state of mind, A Year of Positive Thinking is on my book shelf to read this year!

2. Identify the areas where I would like to improve.

3. Set clear goals and priorities to help me live my best possible life.

4. Organize my home, routines, and schedule for an easier and more productive daily life, who doesn’t want that, right? I love Nate Burkus’ approach to design, organization, and home improvement!

5. Lose 5 pounds and maintain it. Last year I was able to with Weight Watchers books and using online resources!

You know that I love my Planner, it is fun and creative way to stay organized and it helps me track my progress!

Each of us has different goals for different reasons, let’s support each other in reaching those goals and dreams. We all make our own happiness.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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