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Laurel’s Love Free Today

Hello Friends!

I have exciting news! My new book, ‘Laurel’s Love’ is free on Kindle, Sun. 12/15 and Mon. 12/16! This is a great gift for you or someone else! So grab a copy while you can here!

Come for a visit to the close-knit community of Echo Village, Vermont. Here you’ll meet many interesting people in a town where people live, love, and raise families. It’s also where there is violence, intrigue, passion, and hope.

Laurel King’s life changed forever ten years ago when the love of her life abandoned her, leaving her wounded and alone. She picked up the pieces of her broken life and shattered dreams, used them to forge a life built on hard work and ambition. Despite how it appears, Laurel’s life is not perfect, she never truly recovered from the devastating heartbreak that she suffered at the hands of Jackson Vance. Although a part of her hates him for what he did, she’s never been able to find a love that could rival what she had with Jackson.

And now he’s back in Echo Village. From the first time that Jackson gets close to her, Laurel realizes that her heart isn’t closed to him. Just being near him ignites passions that she thought long dead and makes her feel more alive than she has in a decade.

Jackson thought that he could never go home again. He spent the past decade traveling the world and facing incredible challenges, trying to never look back at the past. Trying to forget the place, and the love he left behind. He spent ten years running from the one woman, the one place that ever felt like home.
Now he faces his biggest challenge yet, winning Laurel’s love again. He’ll have to break through the walls that Laurel’s put up to protect her heart, but he’s determined to do whatever it takes to convince her that they belong together, now and forever.

Can Laurel and Jackson bury their past as they reignite the passion that they once shared? Will their fiery passion develop into love or will their second chance at romance burn out before it even begins?

In ‘Emma’s Heart’ Book 1 of the Echo Village Series, we met Emma and Mac. Their story continues alongside Laurel and Jackson in ‘Laurel’s Love’, Book 2 of the Echo Village Series.

I hope that you enjoy ‘Laurel’s Love’.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


The first book in the series, ‘Emma’s Heart’ is available here!