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Reward Yourself!

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You know that feeling that you get when you’ve achieved an important goal? Whether it’s a professional or personal goal, there’s nothing quite like it. Achieving something that you’ve set your mind to and worked hard for feels incredible!

But what about the smaller goals? The ones that can lead to the completion of the bigger, more important goals? This is where the ‘feel good’ and ‘doing ok’ can cause us to lose motivation and throw us off track. It’s tough to stay focused and on track when there is so much going on in our lives.

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This is where REWARDS come in!

Rewards can:

  • Help you stay focused on your goal by having a specific reward in mind. A small reward that you may not usually get for yourself may keep you right on track!
  • Provide something to look forward to. It’s easier to motivate yourself to do something if there is a tangible benefit at the end. This is a great way to start and maintain new habits.
  • Be a way to celebrate both the small and large accomplishments. Achieving goals and making changes is hard work. We all need to celebrate ourselves and realize that we deserve to be happy and have good things in life. That’s what we are working for!

Rewards can be related to the goal. Example: New workout gear for achieving a fitness goal. Or something totally unrelated like new throw pillows for being on time for everything for a month. (Remember your planner!!)These small rewards are to make you happy and help you achieve your overall larger goals.

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Whatever the reward, realize that you deserve it, you earned it, and take a moment to celebrate yourself!

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Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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