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4 Tips to Save Money and Enjoy Thanksgiving

Hello Friends,

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast at your home can be the highlight of the holiday season or it can be a stressful nightmare. I’ve done both! Just remember that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not suffered through! Thanksgiving is a time when we all want to be thankful for what and who we have in our lives. Let’s make this our best Thanksgiving yet!

When I look back at Thanksgivings gone by, I remember the people, the fun, the love, and time spent with family.

I want this Thanksgiving to be a wonderful, happy time for my family and yours. I don’t want us worrying about how much the meal cost or how we’re going to get everything done on time.

Instead, let’s enjoy and celebrate!

When we think of Thanksgiving dinner, we imagine having the perfect holiday get together. There is no such thing as perfect! We will never meet unrealistic expectations of perfection, so let’s plan a holiday that is as free of stress and as full of happiness as we can!

4 tips to save money & enjoy the holiday this year

Start Early

The early Thanksgiving shopper will get the best deals. Make a menu plan now and save it on your phone so that you always have it available to you. Then watch for sales on needed ingredients over the next couple of weeks and check things off that list! Almost every item on a traditional Thanksgiving menu will be on sale at some point this month.

Prepare whatever you can ahead of time. That way you don’t have to cook everything on Thanksgiving day. That lessens the work load and raises the enjoyment factor. If you have a crock pot or an Instant Pot, try one of my favorite Cookbooks: Fix-It and Forget-It, Holiday Favorites.

Even if you aren’t that familiar with a crock pot, this book walks you through how to “get to know” your appliance.

Platters and Boards helps you put together those beautiful party platters in no time at all.

And if you’ve never read Sandra Lee’s “Semi-Homemade” Cookbooks, you should. She shows you lots of ways to short-cut homemade recipes yet get a wonderful result.

Be Flexible

Now, adjust your menu a little to match sales, that way you maximize your potential savings. Every year my menu changes slightly, for example some years we have a traditional bread stuffing, other years my husband has make a wonderful rice based stuffing. Be willing to try new things and keep a look out for ‘special’ diet options. We always have gluten free and vegetarian option at our table every year.

Think Potluck-Style

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a ‘signature’ dish. When we go to someone else’s house for the holiday, my husband makes cabbage leaf lasagna; it’s gluten free, low carb, and diabetic friendly. With your guests contributing to the meal, you may end up with quite an eclectic/gourmet dinner that gives everyone a chance to share. This also allows anyone with special dietary restraints to bring a dish that they are certain to be able to eat. Anyone who doesn’t want to cook, can always bring a bottle of wine to share.

Get Creative

Don’t waste money on expensive decorations. Shop your house!

You can make your own centerpieces by putting a few pine cones and candles into a bowl, basket, or vase. Have your children help by crafting place mats, napkin rings, and/or small party favors. Hang some of their Thanksgiving art from school to create a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Remember the purpose of the holiday! We are being thankful for all that we have.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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