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Be Happy, Keep Promises to Yourself

Keeping promises to yourself is just as, if not more important than keeping promises to others. We all make promises to ourselves like: “I will start a new diet on Monday” or “I will give up … (fill in the food or beverage of your choice.)” or “I will be more understanding and supportive of my child/spouse/parent/friend…” And then we break those promises and inside we feel like a failure.

That’s not a good place. I have just started reading, “Girl, Wash your Face” by Rachel Hollis and she talks about this. What she says rings true for me.

I am the person that’s always early to an appointment. If I say that I’m going to be somewhere or do something for others, than I do. But if I’m honest, my promises to myself often get pushed to the side for the wants and needs of others. We are socialized to believe that sacrificing for others is a virtue, something to aspire toward. But for those of us already generous with our time, this can be harmful.

It can also be very difficult to overcome, but I’m starting. My goals that I set at the beginning of the year are still on track. Now that I know that I push my needs and wants to the back to make room for others. I’m going to slow it down a little and focus on those promises that I’ve made myself. I hope that those of you out there like me will too. I’m going to continue to read this book! I’m currently on chapter 3, and I’m hooked!

I’m going to be a little more accountable to myself and keep working on being the best possible version of myself. Keeping promises is important. Now, I’m making the promise to myself to be a priority in my life. I hope that you do the same!

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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