“A Note About Feeling”

Everything we want–a nice home, a good marriage, thriving children, good health, more money–every single thing we want we want because of how we believe we will feel when we have it. I want a nice home so that I feel like I have a sanctuary, somewhere to go that’s comforting and peaceful. I want a good marriage because love feels really good. I want thriving children because I will feel proud. I want good health because it will make me feel strong. I want more money because it will be so fun to spend it or it will make me feel safe (if you’re a saver, rather than a spender). So, ultimately, what we’re in pursuit of is what we want to experience feeling: happy, alive, strong, proud, safe, peaceful, fun, excited, adventurous, at ease, healthy, loving, loved, etc. We can sum that up as feeling good. We all want to feel good in as many ways as possible.

An excerpt from:

“Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough” by Sharon Pope