Personal Developement & Happiness

Bubbles and Butterflies

Life isn’t always a pretty picture of the life that we want to lead. It can be hectic, demanding, stressful and crazy. The important thing to remember is to be proactive, not reactive. When things are hectic or crazy, try a new approach.

Instead of compounding the negative, introduce a positive. For me, that’s sometimes music, or a small treat, something that can help me feel better right now. Later, I can analyze what happened constructively and actively take steps to make changes in my routine that minimize the chaos.

Mornings have always been my biggest challenge. So, I set out my clothes, pack lunches, review my calendar and set reminders, all the night before. That way I can be positive and proactive in the morning instead of negative and reactive. This makes for much smoother and happier starts to my days. And a happier me and my family.

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Have a great Day!

Dottie Lake