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8 Easy Tips to Organize Your Work Life

Hello Friends,

Do you ever feel like you have too much to do at work? That you can never get everything done?

Since Covid changed many of our job descriptions, a lot of people are feeling frustrated in their jobs!

Check out this great blog post by Dave Kendrick!

Depending on your situation at work, you should have some control over your time to a point. If you want to become more organized at work so that you can get more done follow these easy tips to organize your work life.

  • Know What’s Expected of You – Before you can start organizing anything you need to know what is expected of you at work. What are the deliverables that you are responsible for, and how does that relate to what anyone else is doing? When you know where you stand it’s easier to get organized.
  • Get Enough Sleep – Yes, this is something you do at home before you go to work, but it’s an essential component in living your life to the fullest. Some people will say that you can sleep when you’re dead, but the truth is lack of sleep is going to lead to early death, and you won’t be as productive and organized when you’re tired.
  • Create Effective To-Do Lists – When you create your to-do lists put the most impactful thing at the top of the list and eliminate the things you don’t really need to do. Anything that is not required doesn’t need to go on your list. If you feel like doing it when you’re done with your list, you can.
  • Schedule Your To-Do Lists – Once you have perfected your to-do list schedule the things you need to do in your calendar. This way, you know that you have enough time to get done before your deadline.
  • Check Your Progress – Don’t just trust your mind to remember. Instead, check on your progress by marking off things you have done. If you’re moving forward in your goals, you’re doing great.
  • Set Deadlines and Time Limits – Don’t just make a list, make a list with deadlines and time limits. For example, if every morning at work, you must check your email, give yourself a limited amount of time. Organize each email immediately by answering it, filing it, or deleting it.
  • Do the Most Important Things First – The way to determine the most important thing is to look at the deadlines you were given as well as the order that things need to be done. This is especially important if you’re working in a group. Then work on the idea that will make the most impact first.
  • Stop Multitasking – Multitasking is genuinely a killer of creativity and organization. Studies show that people cannot multitask as they thought. Even people who report being excellent multitaskers if tested find out they are not.

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Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake

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