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See Yourself in a New Life Today

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Good Day! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

How are you? What are you doing today to make today great? What are your dreams and goals today? Where are you headed? Are you happy and smiling today or is it another day of chugging caffeine and just getting through the day?

I’m feeling more on track than usual today. I had a dream last night that really grounded me. It was happening about 10 years from now I believe. It was just a day in my life, but it was a GREAT life. What was so great was that it was just a normal day…

I was working on my new novel and doing all the things that I am working toward now. My son, who’s 15 now, was happy and settled in his life. I received an email from him. My husband I were talking over our morning coffee about the week to come, and I felt WONDERFUL. Happy and content doing what I love, living a live that I love. This is definitely my best version of myself and my life.

This is known as visualization, which is a known method to help people achieve their goals. This dream was so real and it put all the steps that I have been taking toward my goals into perspective. Seeing and feeling the result of my hard work and planning is something that I will never forget.

I wrote down everything that I could remember as soon as I woke up. I am going to put those thoughts and ideas in my daily planner and sprinkle them through out the year as reminders of the vision that I have for myself. Reminders that my dreams and goals are attainable on a daily basis. Reminders of what it felt like to be the best version of myself.

Tools to help you on your journey are the “Creative Visualization” book and the “Creative Visualization Workbook”.

“Creative visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life. Whether you read it for general inspiration and empowerment or to achieve specific goals (financial, creative, medical, career, relationship), Creative Visualization remains a profoundly powerful resource from a uniquely warm and wise teacher.”

I hope that this helps you visualize your best life and helps you on your personal journey toward being the best version of yourself and living the life that you want.

Have a great day,

Dottie Lake


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