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In this Time of Trouble, Do You Have ‘True Empathy’?

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Hello Friends!

I was just speaking with my friend, Melissa Forgey, author of the book ‘True Empathy’. If you haven’t read her book, let me just say that it speaks to the soul!

It addresses many of the issues that we are facing today with “an overburdened healthcare system” in this time of crisis. It offers insight into caring for an ill or aging loved one, guidance, and most of all hope.

When asked about this current crisis, Melissa responded with the unvarnished honesty and sincerity that resonates in her book.

“I don’t believe that anything happens without a purpose. This is a time for connection with each other and it is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better. Each of us is feeling more vulnerable than we did just a few weeks ago… Just don’t forget that there is love around us always. We are never truly alone. Love is around us in good time and in these times of suffering right now. All we have to do is open ourselves to receive it.”

Inspiring and Comforting. Check out her book on Amazon!

Be Safe and Healthy Friends!

Dottie Lake


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