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3 Easy Steps You can take Today to Make Your Dreams and Goals Happen

Goals are dreams with a plan. Do you have a plan? Do you stick to the plan? Does life get in the way of that plan? If this sounds familiar, lets make those goals and dreams easier to focus on and achieve.

First, make a list of 3 of your long-term goals and dreams then arrange them by priority. Leave space under each one for notes. Take a hard look at this list. At this point it is important for you to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself some questions about each goal and make some notes.

  • Do I really want this, or is it something that I’m supposed to want or do? If it isn’t really your goal, then take it off the list. This is your life, make this list about you.
  • Is this goal or dream truly attainable? Many people are frustrated in their lives because they don’t like where they are in life, but are unwilling to make the changes necessary to attain the life that they really want.How do these goals tie together? Are there things that you can do to help achieve more than one of these goals at the same time? make a note.
  • Why do you have these goal? Next to each one, right a short reason why.

For example, I never plan on retiring. I know that sounds odd in today’s world but I have a part-time job that I can continue to do well into my 70’s. I am an author, something that I can do the rest of my life. So, my plan is to have a healthy savings, about a year of income. And to make an effort to make my life physically easier for the time when I may need it. ie. I am putting a covered porch on my house this year so that I won’t have to shovel to my car in the snowy winters in Vermont. I saved up for the porch because I keep my debt to a minimum as part of my plan.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and why, let’s get to it.

  • What could you do today, that would get you to your goals?
  • What could you do this week to get you to your goals?
  • What could you do this month to get you to your goals?
  • At the bottom, make a note about where you would like to be at the end of a year, at the end of five years.

These are your tasks that will get you where you want to go. For myself, I have worked over the last five years to have no debt but my mortgage, and now I am tackling that. My plan is to have my house paid off within the next ten years. I no longer have student loans, car loans, or large credit card debt. I make my monthly mortgage payments now and I make regular weekly payments on the principle. The weekly payments aren’t large but they add up over time!

Lastly, get a planner and put your steps to success in it. I know that sounds funny, but your planner can be digital or something that you carry around. It just needs to be something that you will use every day. Now, you can start checking off your daily tasks as you work your way toward the life that you want. I use google calendar for appointments but I have a paper planner for my goals, lists, and my steps to success. Whatever works for you and keeps you accountable to yourself. Remember that this is about you, your life, your happiness. This is so that you can live your best live and be the best version of yourself.

Have a great day!

Dottie Lake

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