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Success: Setting Yourself Up

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Hello Friends!

I hope that you had a great 4th of July and that your summer is going well. Now that we are unmasked in most places, life seems to be taking a turn into yet a new ‘new normal’. Jobs are different than they used to be. People think and do things differently, even though from the outside, things may look much as they did back in 2019. I know for many of us life is very different.

Settling in to the 2021 version of yourself can be challenging. A small way to set yourself up for success is to start and end each day with a little ‘routine’.

If you look closely at the daily habits of the most successful people in the world, you will find that most of them have something in common. That something is a structured morning routine that launches them into their day ready to take on the world and it’s challenges. That’s what we all want, right?

Now, some people think that little routines are a waste of time, but I find that a short before bed routine (approx. 15min) and a structured morning routine (approx. 40 min) save time, make me more organized and more productive throughout the day and week. So if you don’t have a morning and evening routine, give it a try!

Now what kind of routines you choose, depend on you. But here are some suggestions:

In the Morning:

Make your bed.

Do some form of exercise. I enjoy taking my dog for a short walk to the mailbox each morning.

Have a quiet 10-15 minutes to yourself, to just wake-up and be ready for the day. In the Summer I like to sit on my porch with my coffee for a few minutes. In the winter, I sit by the window next to the fire. This may mean getting up a little earlier, but this ‘me’ time is important.

Next review your schedule for the day. Prioritize or re-prioritize so that you can tackle the day head on. Your schedule is your battle plan for the day. Make your time count. You can adapt and change things in that schedule as the day progresses. Having it written down helps to see what’s going on at a glance, and you all know that I am a big fan of planners.

Remember to eat. Whether it’s something you cook or a smoothie, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your brain and body need the fuel to keep you running at peak performance each day.

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In the Evening:

Make sure that your coffee pot and breakfast are ready for the next day. (if you drink coffee) And have your lunch packed and ready to go. I usually make lunches while I am making dinner.

Lay out your clothes for the next day, including shoes and accessories. This can save you a lot of stress and time in the morning. I hang my clothes in outfits in my closet as they come out of the laundry so that this is even easier.

Make sure that your keys, wallet, and watch are in your handbag (if you are a woman) or next to your clothes to go in pockets (if you are a man). This little habit may save you hours a week hunting for keys, money, etc.

Review your schedule for the next day, make changes as needed and update.

Do some gentle stretching or meditation before sleep.

Remember, we all want to live our best possible lives. Little routines can help us do that by setting ourselves up for success each day.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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