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10 Top Money Saving Tips

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Hello Friends!

Today I want to share some money savings tips that really work! We all want more money and more time to do the things that truly enrich our lives and help us live our best possible lives, right?

So here goes!

1. Make more than you spend. It sounds simple and silly but it truly is the best way to save money. Don’t buy things that you don’t absolutely need. Keep what you already have in good repair. Do regular cleaning and maintenance on your clothing, home, appliances, and automobiles.

2. Set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account to a high yield saving account after payday. This automatically puts you on a budget, if you limit yourself to only using your checking account.

3. Have a long-term fund of three to six month’s of expenses in case of an emergency. Put extra monies from bonuses, gifts, inheritance, etc into your long-term savings.

4. Pay off credit card debt. If you have a lot, it may make sense to take out a low interest short-term loan to save money on interest over time.

5. Negotiate your Internet and phone bills to lower prices, dump cable and subscribe to Amazon Prime for free tv shows, music, movies, and free shipping from Amazon.

Try Prime Discounted Monthly Offering

6. Save money by paying premiums (ex. car insurance) annually instead of monthly.

7. Make note of deals and take advantage of them.

  • For example, a gas station here runs 5 cents off a gallon on Thursdays, another one gives 5 cents off per gallon for cash sales. A local grocery store offers points that translates to cents off per gallon of gas or dollars off your grocery bill.

8. Stock up and save.

  • Buy cleaning supplies when they are on sale. A good rule of thumb is to buy enough to get you to the next sale. This saves a surprising amount over time.
  • Buy meat, canned goods, and dry goods when they are on sale. Freeze meat in portions that you will use. I individually freeze chicken breasts and burger patties. It’s easier to pull out of the freezer, defrost and have on the table that way.

9. Cook large meals a couple days a week so that you have left-overs for another day or batch cook and freeze one. It really isn’t any harder to make 2 lasagnas or 2 pans of enchiladas than it is to just make one. And now you have a thaw and heat dinner which will limit the number of dinners that you have to pickup on the way home. Pinterest is a great resource for this sort of thing. I make up a couple dozen each: breakfast burritos, muffins, and pancakes. I package them up and individually freeze them for quick grab and go breakfasts in the morning. This breakfast prep takes about an hour and a half once a month. That time investment makes mornings smoother and saves my family alot of money.

10. Consider alternate/cheaper forms of transportation to work, like biking, walking, the bus, or ride share.

A friend of mine gives rides to three people each day on her way to work, and drops off two co-workers on her way home. Each one of her passengers gives her $10 per week, so she makes $200 a month driving to work and home, something that she would be doing anyway. And her passengers save significantly riding with her rather than the bus or a taxi. It’s a win/win. Something to think about, and it could turn into a nice little side hustle if you are a driver.

Disclosure: I am an independent blogger and include affiliated links in this blog which means that I get compensated for purchases made directly through these links..

Links that I Like:

Here’s a free budgeting worksheet

100 Ways to Start Saving has some great Money Saving Hacks

Every Dollar is a great resource for customizing an individual financial plan

Products that I Love:

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“Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Lessons to Live By was initially developed by the author to pass on to his five children as they entered adulthood. As it developed, the author realized that personal money management skills were rarely taught in high schools, colleges and even in MBA programs.”

Big Design, Small Budget makes luxury an affordable reality. In this DIY home decorating handbook, Helmuth reveals insider tips and her tried-and-tested methods for designing on a budget.”

Thank you for visiting today. I hope that we are all succeeding at being the best versions of ourselves and striving to live our best possible lives.

Have a Great Day!

Dottie Lake


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