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Gardening, Cooking, Painting… Oh my!!

My mother raised me to keep busy and be useful, so I didn’t even realize that these tasks were “hobbies” until I was older. I just did stuff that saved money and created beauty. I enjoy a variety of hobbies that include gardening, refinishing furniture, working around my house and yard as well as cooking, crocheting, making original jewelry and sewing. Not to mention writing.

Needless to say, I have a lot of hobby materials and equipment. I justify these tools and materials by creating unique, beautiful and functional items that my family and friends enjoy. Some are items I keep, some are given away as gifts. But they bring beauty and joy wherever they end up.

I garden. So, that means that I have a small greenhouse, pots, tools, a trimmer, rototiller, etc. I collect pots, turn the odd bit of pottery into a unique plant holder or hanger. I use a lot of different materials for trellises and garden adornments.

I work around my house and restore furniture, so I have a pretty extensive tool box. That tool box includes: a drill, sander, circular saw, nail gun, and assorted fasteners and hand tools. My power tools are Ryobi because I find that their 18 volt portable tools are smaller and fit comfortably in my hand and are light weight. Even my trimmer is Ryobi!

I learned a long time ago that having the right tool for the job is important. It makes the task more enjoyable and easier. It also takes less time and I get better results. Anything that I’m not sure how to do, I research online first.

Today I realized something. I really enjoy my tools and supplies. While gardening, working on the house, repainting the deck and freshening up my yard ornaments, I realized that I have another hobby. A hobby that I didn’t even realize that I had… The finding and acquiring all the materials for my hobbies!

I acquire hobby materials a variety of ways. I’m always on the lookout for a good deal, and the best price is free!

I salvage stuff from the transfer station, find lots of treasures at tag sales and thrift shops, and buy things on sale and clearance, because I enjoy saving money and up-cycling items. I didn’t realize until today that acquiring the tools and materials was also a hobby. And a fun one. I love to walk into the green house or the cellar and look at all the bits and pieces that I can turn into something of beauty.

What are your hobbies? Do you enjoy the acquiring of materials as much fun as the hobby itself?