You are as Happy as You Want to Be

Every day is a new day and every person makes their own truth in each day. If you tell yourself that you’re a victim, then you are. If you tell yourself that you’re a champion, then you are. If you tell yourself what makes you happy and why, then you will be happier. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Then why does it seem easier be unhappy than happy? If it wasn’t, wouldn’t EVERYONE would be happy?

I like to start each day with what I call, “Happy Habits.” I have developed these over the years and they keep me focused on the good things in my life. That doesn’t mean that I have a good day EVERY DAY. It just that I have more good days than bad, more learning and happy days, fewer frustrated and upset days.

One of my Happy Habits is to wake up 5 minutes early every morning and review the things that I’m thankful for. Then I look at my upcoming day through that lens. I review challenges, focusing on the positives. I make sure that I have planned breaks in the day to give myself time to recharge.

My list always starts with how happy I am to have my son. He brings me joy every day, along with the normal frustrations of raising a teen. I remember that I was once told that I might never be able to have children. I feel joy everytime that I think of him. That does mean that I laugh ALOT at some of the silly things that he does, instead of getting frustrated. Someday soon, he will be a man, and these days will be gone forever. I want to enjoy them.

Next on my list is that I finally published a book, “Emma’s Heart,” https://amzn.to/2TpU4AL, and am working on book two of the Echo Village Series now. Writing and publishing a book has been a goal of mine for a very long time. To have achieved that goal and be on to a second one fills me with pride, accomplishment and surprise. I’m still a little shocked that I made this all happen before the end of 2018.

Then I review my upcoming day in my mind. Today’s list included writing my blog, dealing with possibly some frozen pipes (It was -12 here last night), check on my chickens and serve them a hot breakfast, make sure that my car would start, work on my book, and spend a few minutes with my kiddo before school. I have a job, but today is my ‘day off’.

I greet each day, with a positive attitude, a solid plan, and a big mug of coffee. Starting my day this way makes a difference, each and every day.

I hope that you have a great day today and everyday.

Today’s Toolbox: