Getting healthy from the inside out…

Be Your Best You!

Life...Take 2!

When I first started on this road to get find a better me I was motivated primarily by a self-conscious desire to shed a few pounds.  I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how my clothes were fitting or overall how I felt in my own skin.  I knew I had gained weight and I was ready to lose it again.  I wasn’t all that concerned, however, with my actual health per se, more about what my overeating and underexercising was doing to my waist line.  While I also wanted to combat the constant fatigue and annoying illnesses I was always seeming to pick up, the primary focus of my journey back then was to be able to proudly look in the mirror again.

Now that I am about a year into it, however, my perspective has totally shifted.  While I would be lying to you all if I…

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